Yoann Birling

Dr Yoann Birling left France at the age of 18 years old to study Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China. He obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and a Master of Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. During his studies, Yoann was mentored by many TCM experts including Dr Dong Zhenhua, Pr Liu Qingguo, Pr Hao Wanshan and Pr Wang Zhaoyang.

In 2022, he completed a PhD at Western Sydney University, exploring the treatment of Insomnia with Chinese Medicine.

Yoann has practiced Chinese medicine in China, France and Australia for more than 8 years. His clinical focuses are on the treatment of Mental health Issues with Chinese Medicine and Psychotherapy. He is also passionate about assisting couples with Fertility and Pregnancy.

Yoann has produced 17 peer-reviewed publications in the field of Mental Health and a clinical manual on the treatment of Insomnia with Chinese medicine.

He is also currently undergoing important work on clinical reasoning in Chinese Medicine and the improvement of Chinese Medicine Education.