Vanessa Stacy

Vanessa is an Assistant practitioner at the Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic in Alexandria and 3rd year student of Traditional Chinese Medicine at UTS. Vanessa has a degree in Medical Radiation Science, Diagnostic Radiography and has been a Radiographer for 17 years specialising in Orthopaedics’, Sports MRI and Breast Imaging. Vanessa began her studying a double diploma of Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine four years ago, and this sparked her interest in Chinese Medicine. Vanessa then went on to enrol in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Vanessa enjoys her role at the clinic and feels it encompasses both the western and eastern philosophy of healthcare.  As a health professional in medical imaging, she has seen many wonderful health outcomes, but she especially enjoys the health outcomes from our integrative approach.  Vanessa values being a part of the patient’s health journey and getting to know patients as well as seeing their changes throughout their treatment.

Vanessa believes our emotional state is an energy ball that surrounds us, it vibrates and changes our experience in the world and thus is reflected in every aspect of our life. When Vanessa looks back on her life, she can see when she was emotionally turbulent and felt blocked and life was the same, or conversely when she was emotionally calm and felt free allowing life to flow with ease.

In her spare time Vanessa enjoys doing pilates and qigong and watching epic TV shows.

Vanessa is known for intuition, at ease presence and care.

BMedRadSc(DR), GradDip(Kin.) and  GradDip(MBM)