The YIN and YANG of Fertility


Are you more YIN OR YANG type person? How does YIN OR YANG impact your fertility and are there are things you can do to impact your yin/yang balance? Get ready for all of these questions to be answered and more! In this session, Amy Forth takes you through key signs and symptoms of Yin and Yang imbalances, how these may reflect as in your body, and in your fertility PLUS key diet and lifestyle tips to help rebalance! The concept of Yin and Yang is a key philosophy that underpins Traditional Chinese Medicine. While Yin is the more cooling, nourishing and fluid aspect of the body, the yang is the warming, drying, dynamic and energetic aspect. If you’d like to learn what YIN and YANG have to do with fertility, then please We are an Integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic dedicated to the care of those who are trying to conceive, undergoing IVF, or are pregnant.

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