The Relationship between Mental Work and Threatened Abortion

Huang Zhi Ying, 2002 Jnl Huaihai Medicine, Issue 1 Journal of Huaihai Medicine 
Although some fine detail may have been lost in translation, this trial indicates that stress (mental work) increases the risk of miscarriage.



Objective: To investigate the relationship between mental work and threatened abortion.

Methods: Pregnant women(620 cases,1982ˇ^1999) were divided into mental worker and non mental worker groups.The incidence of threatened abortion was compared in the two groups.

Results: The incidence of threatened abortion was found to be significantly higher in the mental worker group(135 cases,38%)than that in the non mental worker group(40 cases,15%, P 0.01).The higher incidence of threatened abortion was found in the older mental worker group( P 0.05).

Conclusion: The nervous mental work is significant associated with threatened abortion.