Acupuncture, herbs and IVF (other publications)

Pilot study: acupuncture may improve results of IVF

Jancin B, 2010, Elsevier News Elsevier Global Medical News
This trial was presented at the Annual Society for Reproductive Medicine meeting by Dr Omedei from Italy, and was reported by Elsevier and ObGyn News. It has not yet been published in a journal. They found that women who had acupuncture at the time of embryo transfer had a 45% pregnancy rate (determined by ultrasound) compared with women in the control group (no acupuncture) who had a pregnancy rate of 28%. The acupuncture-treated women reported a sense of well being while the controls generally reported feeling emotionally stressed and fatigued.





ASRM presentation reported in Elsevier Medical News

In a prospective randomized trial involving 168 consecutive women undergoing IVF, the clinical pregnancy rate documented by ultrasound 6 weeks post procedure was 45% in the 44 women assigned to acupuncture, compared with 28% in 124 controls.