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There is much you can do to enhance your fertility and prepare for pregnancy whether you plan to do IVF or not. Below please find some of your options.

Preconception care programs

Naturopaths and nutritionists who specialise in this area tailor programmes to help you prepare for pregnancy and a healthy baby. They make dietary suggestions and prescribe supplements or herbs.

Darling St Health Centre (Sydney)
Amanda Haberecht   Tel 02 9555 8806

Belinda Kirkpatrick Naturopath
Belinda Kirkpatrick

The Jocelyn Centre (Sydney)
Francesca Naish    Tel 02 9268 9000

Health and Fertility Matters (Sydney)
Vicki Turner    Tel 02 9344 4645

The Natural Health and Fertility Centre (Sydney)
Leah Hechtman    Tel 1300 787 066

Monique Cormac Nutritionist (Sydney)

Tasha Jennings- Nutritionist and Naturopath (Melbourne)

Rhiannon Hardingham –Nutritionist and Naturopath (Melbourne) https://www.rhiannonhardingham.com/

Meditation and Relaxation techniques

Fertility can suffer significantly under the effects of stress, in both men and women. Learning skillful techniques like guided meditation or yoga nidra gives you a remarkably useful daily tool to help undo the damage that stress wreaks.

Big Shakti
Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Be Fertile


Yoga is a safe and effective exercise while trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Yoga teaches simple breathing techniques to induce a calm state, and poses to help open and balance the pelvic area and reproductive organs.

Yoga for Fertility
Melinda Rushe    Tel 0405 301 730

Fertility Doctors

If you have been trying for 6-12 months to conceive without success, it might be a good idea to have some tests, just in case there is something specific that needs attention. Its best to do this with a certified fertility specialist. Some of these specialists are comfortable seeing patients who use therapies like Chinese medicine.

City Fertility
Devora Lieberman Tel 1300 354 354
Natasha Andreadis Tel (02) 9519-9707

IVF Australia

Gavin Sacks Tel

Dr Shadi Khashaba

Dr Raewyn Teirney

Dr Michelle Kwick

Dr Manny Manget



Rachael Rodgers Tel (02) 7228-9889

Birth Classes and Doulas

Doulas help women prepare for and go through labour  This means they will be available to assist the midwife throughout your labour in the hospital or at home.

Calm Birth

Melinda Webb  Tel (02) 0413287799

Other relevant sites

The Fertility Society of Australia is the peak body representing scientists, doctors, researchers, nurses, consumers and counsellors in reproductive medicine in Australia and New Zealand.

The Fertility Society of Australia

ACCESS, Australia’s National Infertility Network, is a consumer-based, independent, non-profit organisation committed to being a national voice in promoting the well-being and welfare of infertile people of all ages, through representation in the general community and in the medical, scientific and political arenas.

Australia’s National Infertility Network (ACCESS)

AACMA, The Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd is the leading national professional association of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. High standards of education and practice are maintained by AACMA accredited practitioners due to the profession’s determination to provide excellence in acupuncture and TCM health care. AACMA members are bound to a high standard of ethical and professional conduct through adherence to our national practitioner accreditation standards, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

The Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd

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