Monique Menzel

Monique Menzel BHSc (Traditional Chinese Medicine), BFA (Visual Art)


Monique is a practitioner at The Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic and has been a part of the Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic family since 2021. Monique completed the Acupuncture Pregnancy mentorship program- a comprehensive, intensive six months Integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture training program covering topics such as IVF support, Natural fertility, women’s health conditions, male fertility, and Pregnancy care. Monique has a Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture) and is an AHPRA registered acupuncturist. 


Monique is passionate about Chinese medicine’s role in reproductive health, mental

health and well-being, and trauma. Monique enjoys a practice that is inclusive of all people.


Monique is calm, warm, gentle and empathetic, with an open approach and willingness to meet a person wherever they are on their journey. She believes that healing and treatment is a collaboration between client and practitioner, which happens when there is a safe, supportive, and sensitive space that allows for an authentic and compassionate relationship. 


The relationship between mind and body is a continual fascination for Monique and has been since she started out as a visual artist.  She has undertaken training in embodied yoga, somatic movement, and meditation, which she incorporates daily. In her spare time, Monique loves to connect with family and friends, spend time in nature and be immersed in the experience of the film.