A message about Covid-19:


The COVID-19 virus is presenting significant challenges to everyone, including patients, health practitioners and small businesses and circumstances are changing rapidly.


The government is currently advising not to go out except to access essential services and we are fully supportive of this advice.


Chinese medicine is a registered allied health profession and is regarded as a primary health care service and is thus serving an essential need.


With this in mind we are keeping the Melbourne Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic open at present so that we can continue to support our patients, whether they are trying to conceive, trying to prepare for the resumption of IVF services, or whether they are looking for support during their pregnancy.


We’ve implemented a number of additional hygiene practices to try to keep our patients and ourselves safe. These include

  • reducing the number of acupuncture appointments to allow only one or two people in the clinic at one time
  • disinfecting tables between each patient, as well as frequently disinfecting commonly used areas such as the reception, bathroom, tables and door handles
  • stringent hand sanitising before, during and after treatments
  • asking that our patients wash or sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the clinic
  • using minimal linen
  • using disposable face hole protectors and massage table covers where required


We are highly aware that many people may need additional support at this time with increased stress and mental health issues, as well as immune resilience.


And while this is an extremely difficult time, we also believe that it could be a good opportunity to get into the best possible health, especially if you are planning on starting or returning to IVF when this crisis passes, as we all hope and believe it will.


We are continuing to offer acupuncture treatments to anyone who needs it.


For those patients who understandably do not want to travel we are providing phone or video consultations. In these consults we provide advice on appropriate acupressure points to stimulate, lifestyle, dietary and supplement advice, as well as prescribing and arranging the delivery of Chinese herbal formula’s.


We remain fully committed to your health and well-being and will do our best to look after you with the utmost care.


If you need anything please don’t hesitate to phone us on 9078 5759 or email us at info-melb@acupuncturepregnancy.com.au


Please take care of yourselves.

Clare and Lauren