The First Consultation

There is a lot to discuss when women come to the clinic requesting support for IVF or fertility treatments. One of the most useful insights gleaned by the TCM doctor is information revealed by the pulse and the tongue.


Learning about embryo transfer treatment

Our IVF patient has all her questions about acupuncture and embryo transfer answered by Louise.

They cover all the points on this information sheet 2019 Revised Embryo DL FLYER 2019



The pre-embryo transfer treatment


Watching this treatment you will see Amy chooses acupuncture points based on research protocols and those indicated by the patients own constitution and circumstances. The points are on meridians that encourage good circulation of Qi and Blood through the pelvic area. And calm the mind.


The post embryo transfer treatment

Acupuncture points we use in the treatment you can watch here, after the embryo transfer are different to those used before. No abdomen points are used now, only those that will soothe the body and mind, reduce any cramping and encourage a relaxed and receptive state.



Preparing for the next IVF cycle

We see patients before and during their IVF cycle – offering many different applications of traditional Chinese medicine wisdom alongside new clinical findings. Watch some of what we do HERE.


IVF Specialist interviewed by Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic acupuncturist, Amy Forth


Hear what Dr Tash (IVF Specialist) has to say about her role as a reproductive endocrinologist. in an interview with Amy posted on Acupuncture Pregnancy and IVF Support Facebook page here.

As well as her work in a busy IVF clinic, Dr Tash has an informative women’s health and fertility podcast channel The Fanny Mechanic and a YouTube channel Dr Tash TV providing patients with her informative and entertaining video blogs.


Can Acupuncture help me Conceive

All About Fertility Podcast, Season 1, Episode 17

Ella Mannix interviews Amy Forth asking the Big Question “Can Acupuncture help me Conceive”. Amy who has worked for many years in this field explains all the ways that Acupuncture can contribute.



Fanny Mechanic Podcast “Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with Amy Forth”

● The Fanny Mechanic podcast (authored by Dr Natasha Andreadis from City Fertility) invited Amy (from Alexandira Acupuncture Pregnancy clinic) on as a guest and she spoke about all things acupuncture, fertility and IVF. Find that conversation here.

Turning the tables; IVF specialist interviews acupuncturist at Acupuncture Pregnancy clinic

Dr Gavin Sacks, an IVF specialist interviews acupuncturist Dr Amy Forth about how acupuncture works with IVF patients.

Amy Forth discusses the research examining the effect of Acupuncture on IVF outcomes.

You can watch this fascinating discussion on latest findings relating to acupuncture treatment of IVF patients here

Amy Forth talks about Jing, an important concept in TCM fertility

Jing is an important aspect of longevity and reproductive health, listen to Amy explaining the part it plays in fertility here

Amy Forth talks about how IVF acupuncture works

Amy explains what the term IVF acupuncture means here

Dr Gavin Sacks IVF Specialist, interviewed by Amy Forth Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic director

Amy Forth, Director of the Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic in Alexandria interviews Dr Gavin Sacks, one of Sydney’s busiest IVF specialists.