Laelia Douglas- Brown

Laelia, who completed her B. Health Science (TCM) from UTS followed by a China internship 7 years ago, is an AHPRA-registered TCM practitioner. 

As a former top competition rock climber and coach, she’s intrigued by stress’s impact on health. Drawn to Acupuncture’s holistic approach, she values its ecosystem view of the body. Laelia’s 7-year practice focuses largely on fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care, bolstered by ‘Fertile Life Method’ training and ongoing UK-based Fertility Support diploma studies. She’s adept at aiding issues like fatigue and stress. With tailored skills, she supports fertility and postpartum well-being. Laelia radiates warmth in her clinic presence and enjoys active meditation practices outside work, such as climbing, painting, gardening, and cooking.