Katrina Quach

Fresh out of university with a Bachelor of Commerce, Katrina began her career as an accountant. After years of long hours and busy seasons, she decided to take a career break in Canada. There she rekindled her love for nature and the great outdoors. Whilst experiencing the transition between the four seasons and undergoing yoga teacher training for her own self-development, she was inspired to pursue a career change which would allow her to directly help others in a way that draws directly from the laws of nature.

Katrina is enthusiastic about supporting those on their health journey who are self-motivated to do what it takes to help their body, mind and spirit reach equilibrium. By finding this balance, she believes it places one in a position to achieve their greatest potential during this lifetime.
Katrina has witnessed that the commitment of the patient to their healing process is proportional to the quality of their recovery and the ability to maintain this balance in the long term.

Katrina aims to provide personalised health care solutions to the community. By viewing the body through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she will work together with you to tailor an evidence-based health regime which may include acupuncture, herbs, cupping, scraping and moxibustion.

Katrina has a special interest in women’s reproductive and sexual well-being, digestive disorders and stress. She believes in harnessing the best of all modalities by collaborating with other health practitioners to ensure for the complete care of her patients.
When she is not working with patients, she can be found camping out in the bush, riding her mountain bike, tending to her indoor and outdoor plants, playing with her cockatiels and dog or doing qi gong.