Jen Lynagh

Jen graduated from the Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is excited and honoured to work at the Westmead clinic surrounded by an incredible team of practitioners with decades of experience.

Jen has had a lifelong interest in health and the human body. Following a decade long career in Urban Planning, she switched gears and became certified in Nutritional Therapy and Pilates and with this combo built a successful one-on-one practice in Oregon USA before moving to Australia to study Chinese Medicine at which point, her passion for all aspects of women’s health was ignited and she knew that she was “home.”  While Jen believes that health has many facets (which can sometimes be contradictory and confusing), she knows that the most important part of any clinical experience is that the patient feels understood, safe and supported.

Jen plans to become a certified Doula (with a Chinese Medicine toolbox) to further assist women during a truly vulnerable time. In the meantime, she is enjoying building a garden and a community in the beautiful Blue Mountains.