Integrated Care; IVF patients as a model

Source: AACMA National Conference, Jane Lyttleton & Sue Cochrane,, May 2009
Many patients choose to use different medical systems when addressing various health issues. Jane Lyttleton and Sue Cochrone examine what this means for patients in  different countries and different settings and particularly for IVF patients in Australia. This paper, which was awarded Best Overall Paper of the conference, also examined the unique role practitioners play in such scenarios.


The Acupuncture IVF support clinics; one example of an integrative care clinic in operation.

Our profession has seen in recent years  a lively debate about the benefits and dangers of incorporating TCM and western medicine in the same clinical setting.  There are valid arguments both for and against such a scenario.

The use of acupuncture in conjunction with IVF programmes in the management of infertility may well be at the vanguard in building and moulding a dialogue between specialists in TCM and in western medical science.

The Acupuncture IVF Support clinics in Sydney and Melbourne were created to cater to increasing demand from patients who were keen to see if acupuncture could improve their chances of conceiving with IVF. The benefits to patients and to their doctors are discussed, as well as any pitfalls.