If you are a Mum

If you are a Mum

We know being a mum can be a crazy ride and sometimes,  because they focus on the needs of their family first, mums don’t always get the care they need. We are here to help mums look after themselves, so they can do their best to look after their family.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, both pregnancy and breastfeeding use up alot of the body’s qi (energy) and blood. So, after birth it’s very important to have enough rest, eat nutritious foods and support your body’s production of qi and blood. As we all know, getting enough rest and eating good food can be quite a challenge with a little one – at a time which can be stressful and exhausting for many mums.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine (plus our dietary advice) can be a big help to rebalance, support and replenish qi and blood, and to increase a sense of wellbeing, energy and resilience.

If you are a Mum

Here is how we help Mums

 Post natal Care

  • Post-natal pain management and wound healing
  • Post birth recovery
  • Caesarean section scar healing
  • Breast milk supply
  • Mastitis
  • Sleep and energy
  • Post-natal Low Mood  and anxiety

 General Mum care

(at any stage in you motherhood journey)

  • Energy levels (for tired and overwhelmed mums)
  • Improving wellbeing and balance
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Hormonal health – including cycle regulation
  • Sleep issues

What the consult looks like

The initial Traditional Chinese Medicine consult is 70 minutes in duration. In this appointment, the practitioner will review your medical and reproductive history in detail and discuss traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis. One of the diagnostic methods used by the TCM doctor is the pulse and the tongue (See video below) diagnosis.  Once TCM diagnosis is established a comprehensive treatment plan will be outlined, which will include appropriate lifestyle and dietary advice, an acupuncture treatment, as well as herbal medicine and/or a nutritional supplement prescription, where appropriate.

Top resources

If you are a new mum, this breastfeeding meditation may be a big help 

Also, here is one of our favourite nourishing dishes – the Harty Old Qi Soup