How to Navigate the Two Week Wait

Two Weeks Wait

This weeks Making it on Monday is all about how you can support your own mental health through the two-week wait. We have tips around mindset, meditation and things you can do to make the two-week wait not only bearable, but for some, even enjoyable and joyful. Sounds impossible right? Want to give it a try? Tune in with Amy Forth and find out our tips and see if these are a game-changer for you over the two-week wait.

Unearth effective strategies, nurture your mental health, and understand Chinese medicine’s perspective to stay positive and hopeful during your fertility journey.

Fertility Workshops, “Making it on Monday” sessions are our monthly workshop for Mums and Dads in the making. We discuss relevant topics such as lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, mindset, supportive therapies, relevant research and anything fertility-related. You can watch them through the following links: