Effect of Zishen Yutai Pill on Embryo Implantation Rate in Patients Undergoing Embryo Transfer


ZHU Wen-jie et al, C JIM (Chin) 2002;22(10) ‘ 729

Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine

In a RCT involving 140 IVF patients 70 were given Zi Shen Yu Tai pills (a famous traditional remedy) after their embryo transfer and pregnancy rates were compared with 70 women who received usual care. The group receiving the Chinese herb formula had a significantly higher implantation and pregnancy rate.


Objective: To observe the effect of Zishen Yutai pill ( ZYP) on embryo implantation rate in luteal phase of patients undergoing  embryo transfer.

Methods: One hundred and forty subjects were divided into two groups, they were all administered with human chorionic gonadotropin to improve the luteal function. To Group A, ZYP was given additionally for 6 g, three times a day for 14
consecutive days.

Results: In Group A, mean serum progesterone, embryo implantation rate and clinical pregnancy rate were 15.42 +/- 1. 9ug/L, 24. 12% and 51. 52% respectively, significantly higher than those in Group B, 13.92+1.96t~g/L,16.67% and 34.78% (P~0.001, P~0.05 and P~0.05).

Conclusion: Oral administration of  ZYP in luteal phase could raise the embryo implantation rate effectively.