Effect of Gutai Decoction on the Abortion Rate of in vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer

Liu Ying and Wu Jing-zhi Chin J Integr Med 2006, 12(3) : 189-193
Chinese Journal of Integrated Medicine 


A group of women undergoing IVF were given a well known Chinese herb formula known to help prevent miscarriage and stabilise early pregnancy, from 2 days after their embryo transfer (combined with progesterone) up until 9 weeks of pregnancy if they conceived. The control group used progesterone support only. They found that 13% of the women who conceived while taking the Chinese herb formula miscarried, while 23% of the women in the control group miscarried. There were no adverse effects on liver or kidney function in the treated group, and no birth defects in the treated group (one case of harelip in the untreated group).


Objective: To study the effect of Chinese herbal medicine Gutai Decoction GTD) on the abortion rate of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET).

Methods: Observed were two hundred and forty-seven women having received IVF-ET and with human chorionic gonadotropin > 25 IU/L on the 14th day after transferring. All were treated conventionally with progesterone 20-80 mg per day after transferring and if necessary the treatment was supplemented with Progynova 2 – 4 mg per day, with the medication withdrawn gradually from the 9th week of pregnancy till stopped completely. Among them 131 cases received GTD medication additionally, for 109 cases of whom the medication started from the 2nd day of transferring (taken as Group A) and for the other 22 cases from the 14th day after transferring (taken as Group B), the other 116 cases with no additional GTD treatment given were taken as the control group, with the medication lasting to the 12th week. The abortion rate in them was observed.

Results: The abortion rate in Group A, Group B and the control group was 12.84%, 13.64% and 23.28%, respectively, the difference between the GTD treated groups and the control group was significant (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Chinese medicine GTD could reduce abortion rate in women receiving IVF-ET.