Correlation of psychological changes and spermiogram improvements following acupuncture (article in German)

Riegler R et al Urologe A. 1984 Nov;23(6):329-33 Der Urologe
This German group were the first to publish studies on the affect of acupuncture on sperm parameters. In this study they not only not measured changes in semen analysis after acupuncture but also certain psychological parameters.



The purpose of the study was to find the correlation between the effect of acupuncture on fertility and psychological effects. To investigate its influence on male subfertility, 28 patients received acupuncture treatment after informed consent. We evaluated subjective parameters by written psychological tests, while objective parameters consisted of measuring concentration, volume and motility in the spermiogram before and after acupuncture. There was a significant increase in sperm quality in all parameters but volume. The psychological test showed no change caused by acupuncture. Hence, we believe, that the effect of acupuncture on sperm quality is not caused by placebo-mechanisms.