Chieko Kinoshita

Chieko is an AHPRA registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine (Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine: BHlthSc) as well as registered Nurse (Bachelor of Nursing: BN) and Midwife (Graduate Diploma in Midwifery: GradDipMid). She also completed Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management (GradCertDiabEdM) at UTS.

In addition, she completed the Calm birth educator training, the Lamaze Childbirth educator training and the spinning babies workshops. Currently she is teaching private antenatal and parental classes.

She completed Jane Lyttleton’s 19 hours the treatment of infertility – the complete course (On demand video course).

Her personal philosophy is rooted in empowering others and creating a positive perspective of life circumstances especially focusing on women’s health.

With a genuine and nurturing nature, combined with a professional and ambitious approach, she possesses the primary skills needed in the field, including treatment plan development, lifestyle counselling and holistic approached treatment.

Working as a registered nurse and midwife in the one of the acute hospitals in Sydney, critical thinking and collaboration are part of her skill set, with proficiency in communication. The combination of her knowledge and skills in western medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine, she strongly believes that she can provide best holistic care and management to clients.

Chieko is very interested in treating women and men with fertility issues as well as pregnancy and beyond including babies and children using the safe Shonishin techniques.

Chieko is planning to pursue further study to deepen her knowledge in fertility and women’s health and become a lactation consultant as well. яндекс