Preparing to conceive – stress management

Stress, for most of us living and working in modern cities, is part of life. However it can get a lot worse when you are not conceiving as easily as you thought you would. And in a cruel vicious cycle, stress can have a negative impact on fertility. Women who are more stressed have reduced fertility, and during IVF cycles have lower embryo implantation rates. Stress has also been shown to affect semen quality.

For all these reasons acupuncture can be useful at specific times of the menstrual or the IVF cycle.

Acupuncture is well known for its ability to relax the patient and this has been demonstrated in an IVF setting.  Its action in raising endorphin levels and reducing adrenalin and cortisol levels allows the body and mind to relax immediately and learn a different way of being. Our patients frequently comment on how relaxed they feel after their treatments.

Suggested Schedule; acupuncture once or twice a week or as required.

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