Acupuncture during the first few weeks of pregnancy

Regular monitoring of the pulse (a TCM diagnostic technique) and regular treatment with acupuncture designed to reduce anxiety may offer you important and reassuring support during these first few weeks of pregnancy. Doctors in NZ showed that regular monitoring and reassurance reduces miscarriage rates in some of their patients. One study in China found that the incidence of miscarriage was reduced in the women to whom they gave Chinese herbs after embryo transfer in an IVF cycle. These studies need to be repeated before clinical conclusions can be drawn.

Acupuncture has been demonstrated to have significant immune-modulating effects. While no trials have yet been undertaken, this effect may prove to be important in reducing the risk of rejection by the mother’s immune system in the early days as the embryo implants and a pregnancy is established.


A happy and healthy pregnancy

You may have had a long journey with plenty of medical intervention to get this far. Now is the time to relax, let mother nature do her job and enjoy your swelling belly.

However should any minor pregnancy disorders develop, you may find acupuncture helpful.


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Preparing for labour

As the due date looms, many women like to use acupuncture to help them prepare mentally and physically for labour.


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