Acupuncture aids IVF conception: study

Source:, Tamara McLean, 22nd October 2008
Getting acupuncture during IVF treatment could significantly increase a woman's chance of a successful pregnancy, a controversial new study has found. A review presented at a medical conference in Brisbane shows that acupuncture administered for 25 minutes both before and after an embryo is transferred to the uterus improves the likelihood of a live birth. On the basis of the current level of evidence we have, if nine women have acupuncture around the time of embryo transfer with IVF there will be one extra live born baby," said lead researcher of the New Zealand study, Professor Neil Johnson, medical director of Fertility Plus in Auckland."That figure looks pretty good, especially to women wanting to do all they can to have a baby.


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Human ovulation captured on film

Human Ovulation captured on filed
Source: New Scientist, Steven Gordts, LIFE , June 2008
This a realtime video of an ovulation taken by researchers at the Leuven Institute for Fertility & Embryology in Belgium.A small amount of saline was used to float the opening of the fallopian tube, its fimbriae (the "fingers" that sweep the egg into the tube) and the ovary itself. In the video, the fimbriae can be seen sweeping in time with the patient's heartbeat. A mucus plug can be seen protruding from the ovary – this contains the egg.


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Improving the Odds of IVF

Source: Catalyst, ABC TV, Mark Horstman, 3 April 2008
In April 2008 the ABC science programme Catalyst aired a report on acupuncture research which was carried out in Adelaide by Caroline Smith and her colleages with IVF patients. It was called "Improving the Odds of IVF" and you can watch it on the following link

One of the changes sweeping through our society this century is that women are having fewer children, later in life. That may explain why the use of IVF to assist pregnancy is growing by up to 15% a year in Australia. But experts say that science and technology has reached a plateau, and improvements in the success of these fertility treatments may only come from entirely different medical traditions – like acupuncture. Mark Horstman travels to Beijing and Adelaide to find out.

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How to make stress your friend

Kelly McGonigal
Source: TED talks, Kelly McGonigal, June 2013

Kelly McGonigals TED talk on reframing stress: Is it time to change the way we think about stress? It certainly appears to be the case when mortality related to stress is examined. We would like to know if befriending rather than avoiding stress might be helpful for infertile couples. And in the meantime for those who cannot avoid stress, acupuncture has an excellent track record for helping to manage it, so that it doesnt affect sleep or well being.