Gynecology in Chinese Medicine

Source: PMPH.  You Jiao Ling, Jane Lyttleton 2015

People’s Medical Publishing House is China’s preeminent publisher of texts in Science and Medicine. Recently they have released a series of texts for Chinese medicine students and doctors, written by experts in the field. This text is written by Dr You, a renowned gynaecologist, in collaboration with Jane Lyttleton.

Clean and Lean Pregnancy Guide

Source: Kyle Books, UK, James Duigan, 2014

When author James and his wife Christiane had difficulty conceiving one of the things they decided to try was Chinese medicine. Once they succeeded in becoming pregnant it was an impetus to develop their programme of Clean and Lean diet books to Pregnancy.

It includes a section by Jane Lyttleton Click to download article

Chinese Medicine Text

Source: Elsevier Science, Jane Lyttleton, May 2013

This text, written in plain english, for doctors of Chinese medicine and other health professionals or patients interested in knowing more about treatment options, provides an accessible and thorough description of a Chinese medicine approach of female and male reproductive health. Read More

Jade Woman Jade Man Herbals

Source: Golden Mirror Publishing, USA, Jane Lyttleton, December 2011

 A series of formulations (distributed in the States) based on classical Chinese herbal scripts for couples trying to conceive and other gyneacological concerns, modified to incorporate modern research findings.

If you are a TCM practitioner you can request chapters of this book here