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How to Navigate the Two Week Wait

This weeks Making it on Monday is all about how you can support your own mental health through the two-week wait. We have tips around mindset, meditation and things you can do to make the two-week wait not only bearable, but for some, even enjoyable and joyful. Sounds impossible right? Want to give it a […]

What your PERIOD is telling your Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner about your FERTILITY!

Wondered why your Chinese Medicine practitioner is SOO interested in your period? Why do they ask: What does it look like? If there are clots or pain? This video explains all about why period health reflects reproductive health from a Chinese Medicine Perspective and as well as gives you some period health tips! Unlock the […]

The YIN and YANG of Fertility

Are you more YIN OR YANG type person? How does YIN OR YANG impact your fertility and are there are things you can do to impact your yin/yang balance? Get ready for all of these questions to be answered and more! In this session, Amy Forth takes you through key signs and symptoms of Yin […]

My Journey from Endometriosis to Pregnancy

Join Acupuncturist Amy Forth as she interviews Kelly. Embark on an intimate and inspiring fertility journey, as she overcomes endometriosis and multiple miscarriages. Join this heartfelt conversation on how she navigated through physical and emotional challenges, explored alternative treatments like acupuncture, and ultimately triumphed with a successful pregnancy. Discover invaluable insights from her personal experiences […]

Q & A with Dr Gavin Sacks

Unravel the intricate world of IVF in this enlightening discussion with Dr. Gavin Sacks, Director of Clinical Research at IVF Australia. Explore topics ranging from autoimmune conditions, embryo biopsies, natural killer testing, to the implications of genetic testing. If you’re contemplating or undergoing IVF, don’t miss this video where science meets empathy in providing answers […]

Top 10 Acupressure Points For Fertility

  Discover the power of acupressure and help boost your fertility. Acupuncturist, Louise Jeffrey. Will discuss the ancient technique’s impact on hormone regulation, fertility, and menstrual cycles. Start your journey towards a balanced lifestyle today   Fertility Workshops, “Making it on Monday” sessions are our monthly workshop for Mums and Dads in the making. We […]

Do’s And Dont’s During An IVF Cycle

  Explore “IVF Do’s and Don’ts: A Comprehensive Guide presented by Louise Jeffrey“, a short yet insightful video for anyone navigating the IVF journey. Renowned acupuncturist and mindset coach, Louise Jeffrey, shares practical advice on exercise, diet, and lifestyle tailored to your IVF cycle.   Fertility Workshops, “Making it on Monday” sessions are our monthly […]

The Integrative Fertility Model and How It Helps Patients

Louise Jeffrey speaks to The Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic Founder, Jane Lyttleton, about The Integrative Fertility Model – how the clinic originated, what her vision was, and how this model benefits you, the patient. Fertility Workshops, “Making it on Monday” sessions are our monthly workshop for Mums and Dads in the making. We discuss relevant topics […]

Ten Things To Know If You Want To Get Pregnant

Trying to conceive can be an exciting yet daunting time for many couples. With so much information and advice out there, it’s hard to know where to start when trying to get pregnant. In this blog post, we will discuss ten things couples should consider when they are trying to become parents… 101:  THE MOST […]