Anni Chien

Anni is a doctor of Chinese Medicine in her 12th year of practice.  Anni has seen hundreds of women and their families across experiencing issues relating to reproductive health, pregnancy and post-natal recovery.


After graduating from RMIT in Melbourne, Anni travelled north  and first worked in Canberra for 3 years before settling down in Sydney. Anni grew up in a culture where Chinese medicine was commonly used, and she first encountered acupuncture as a teenager and finding it helpful for a sprained ankle. Back then, Anni’s perceived acupuncture as something used mainly for sporting injures, however after years of training, and clinical experience she appreciated the broad scope acupuncture. Anni feel thankful and grateful for knowledge preserved and passed down from the many Acupuncture and Chinese medicine teachers that have gone before.

Anni loves cooking and she avidly perused creating a herbal garden filled with locally grown Chinese herbal medicinal plants, however the possums and wild rabbits have also enjoyed the plants, and thwarted this plan somewhat. Anni enjoys the challenge that comes with every patients and works with them to help achieve their goals. Patients usually walk away with ‘homework’ and so they are also a part of the healing process in their fertility journey. Also- Anni and husband Eric, operate a Chinese Medicine postnatal service called Confinement Care, which has helped hundreds of women for their post-natal recovery in Australia.

Anni is known for her calm, caring and practical approach and in-depth traditional Chinese dietary advice.

BAppSc (TCM and Human Biology)