Analyzing the Study of Using Acupuncture in Delivery in the Past Ten Years in China

Yingru Chen et al, ECAM, Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 672508 Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
This paper analyses 87 articles published in the last 10 years in China, including randomized control trials, prospective case studies, reviews and meta-analyses. The reviewers conclude that acupuncture can relieve labor pain, promote childbirth, shorten delivery and treat postpartum disorders.



The use of acupuncture in inducing delivery has a long history in China. With progress over time, it has been applied in many aspects. For further study of acupuncture in delivery, this paper analyzed the papers using acupuncture in delivery in the past ten years in mainland China. 87 literatures were picked out by searching relevant electronic databases and bibliographies of relevant journals. The analysis showed randomized controlled trials that were the major type of research, while preclinical researches and literature reviews only account for around ten percent, respectively. Clinical researches indicated that acupuncture can relieve labor pain, promote maternal uterine contraction, shorten birth process, and treat postpartum disorders. Preclinical researches found that acupuncture can adjust certain hormones and improve uterus contraction of late-stage pregnant rats. However, due to lack of large multicenter randomized controlled clinical trials, standardized evaluations of clinical effects in clinical researches and detailed mechanism study in preclinical researches and unequivocal conclusions about the effectiveness, efficacy, and mechanisms of acupuncture in this field cannot be obtained from those researches yet. Further clinical and preclinical studies about the use of acupuncture in delivery with improved methodology is still needed.