Amy Forth


Amy Forth is Director of Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic Alexandria and has been in practice as doctor of Chinese Medicine since 2008. Amy has a special interest in the area of Reproductive health, IVF and Pregnancy care. Amy graduated with a Masters of Global health in 2017 and today continues as researcher and educator in field of Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine.  Amy prides herself on leading an integrative acupuncture a clinic that offers evidence and research-based IVF, fertility, and pregnancy care.

As a leader in her field Amy has presented widely on IVF acupuncture, acupuncture care in pregnancy, interprofessional communication and integrative medical practices in hospitals, IVF clinics and at conferences and universities. In 2018 Amy with A/Professor Gavin Sacks created The Alexandria Multidisciplinary Education Series a lecture series about IVF, Fertility and Women’s health conditions.

Amy’s research includes a Masters of Global health that focused on the Integrative Medical (IM) practices of GPs. Amy has also been involved in an AIMA led project on interprofessional communication, a NICM Health Institute led research project that investigated the IM practice and education needs of Australian GPs and several clinical trials investigating the use of Acupuncture for IVF, PCOS and Endometriosis.

Amy currently divides her time between her role as Director and practitioner at The Acupuncture Pregnancy Alexandria and her role at the NICM Health Institute at Western Sydney University, where she is involved in Integrative medicine research and education. In her spare time, she may be found at the beach doing an ocean swim or chatting away over a cup of tea.

Amy is known for warm, knowledgeable, and evidence-based approach to care.

BSc (Chinese med) MGHDS (Global Health)