Acupuncture Combined with Herbal Medicine Effects on Outcomes of Patients with Endometriosis Who Accepted IVF-ET

Yu Xiao-Li et al, Liaoning Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2010 Vol 4 Liaoning Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
This trial carried out in north east China, looked at 180 women with endometriosis who were doing a long down regulated IVF protocol. The women who were given acupuncture alongside chinese medicine achieved significantly higher pregnancy rates than those in the other groups who did not have acupuncture.


Abstract (English version)

Objective: We investigated the effect of the intervention of acupuncture combined with herbal medicine on outcomes of patients with endometriosis (EM) who accepted in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET).

Methods: 180 cases from patients who took IVF-ET were randomly assigned into three groups,the control group(60 cases),the medicine group(60 cases),and the acupuncture combined with medicine group(60 cases).All the three groups were introduced with gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist(GnRH a) long protocol,and the curative effects were compared between groups.

Results: The total effective rate, number of retrieved oocytes, rate of fertilization, implantation rate, and pregnant rate in the acupuncture combined with medicine group were all higher than those in the medicine group, which there were significant statistical differences(P0.05). The scores of the patients who accepted treatment in the two groups had significant difference (P0.05).

Conclusion: Treatment of acupuncture combined with medicine has remarkable effect on the patients who took IVF for ET, which is better than the medicine group.