About the Clinic

The Acupuncture Pregnancy clinics (incorporating the original Acupuncture IVF Support clinics) in Sydney, Melbourne and the Central Coast are the first and only of their kind in Australia..

We are a niche clinic that sees women and men who are planning a family.

Opening in 2008, in response to evidence from clinical trial results which demonstrated some benefits of acupuncture for IVF patients, we aimed to set a bench mark for clinical expertise focused on reproductive health and pregnancy care. We have worked closely with IVF clinics since then and make a point of clear communication with other doctors our patients are seeing and integration with other treatment programmes that our patients might be undertaking.

Professional integrity, best practice and offering appropriate clinical programs are a priority for us – in a field where patients can sometimes be very vulnerable.

When more than a hundred local clinics and their websites were analysed for a report in an academic journal, only this one passed the the criteria of fair reporting of claims and research results. We offer all our support and all the wisdom and experience of Chinese medicine but in a framework that is realistic.

Our team consists of a remarkable group of trustworthy and dedicated practitioners all of whom have undertaken, and continue to undertake, extensive training in Chinese medicine gynecology. We work closely as a team supporting each other and constantly trying to work out the best approach for our patients differing needs.


This video of our practitioners talking about the passion and joy they bring to their work is currently being edited and extended.


Not only do we bring to the clinic a wealth of experience in this area, many of us have personal experience of needing help ourselves. This brings a deep and compassionate understanding of the particular needs of couples who are having difficulty conceiving, or with their pregnancy. This video in which some of our practitioners talk about their own journeys is also currently being edited and extended.

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Find our clinics in Sydney CBD, Alexandria and Westmead. Also on the Central Coast and Melbourne.